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About the website ” Japanese fermented food for Health”

Japanese eats fermented food every day. Our food culture is flooded with fermented food.

Japan is blessed with fermentation, because of the climate which is warm and damp.

So Japanese bacteria(kouji) were living well in Japan.

To preserve food for a long time is difficult in Japan, because of the special climate.

So Japanese has studied the way to ferment food.

The fermented food is helpful to Japanese for a long time,

but there are many things which aren’t understood scientifically yet actually.

There are many people who say the Japanese looks young,and helthy.

Therefore Japanese fermented food and concerning with health and anti-aging are worthy of attention.

In this web site,we give the information which is useful for the person

who would like to know or to make about Japanese fermented food.

List of fermented foods in Japan

Miso 味噌 5か月目の手づくり味噌 Miso is a traditional Japanese seasoning produced by fermenting soybeans with salt and the fungus Aspergillus oryzae, known in Japanese as kōji, and sometimes rice, barley, or other ingredients. modern cooking, and has been gaining worldwide interest.Miso has abundant vitamin and mineral. This is the reason that Japanese be in good spiritsare.
Soy souse 醤油 発酵醤油 Soy sauce is a condiment made from a fermented paste of boiled soybeans, roasted grain, brine, and Aspergillus oryzae or Aspergillus sojae molds.It’s one of the seasonings used best in Japan.For example, if We want to make soba soup, we use soy sauce.When we eat sushi, we need Soy sauce.
Siokouji 塩麹 塩麹_発酵完了5日目1 Shiokouji is Japanese traditional seasoning.It’s possible to use it instead of salt.But there are vitamin and mineral a lot more than salt, and an enzyme is also included.When meat is pickled, it becomes soft because many enzymes are included.
Amazake 甘酒 Amazake_甘酒 Amazake is Japanese traditional sweet, or non-alcohol (depending on recipes) Japanese drink made from fermented rice.Because of good balance nutrient, it’s called “The intravenous drip which can drink”.
Natto 納豆 Natto_納豆 Natto is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans fermented with Bacillus subtilis var.Natto has a powerful smell, strong flavor, but a lot of Japanese likes the taste and there are very much people eating every day, too.It’s nutritious food and also healthy food. It can be said one of the diet foods and anti-aging foods.

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